Dr. Hfuhruhurr (gothicock) wrote in cochrane_love,
Dr. Hfuhruhurr

The first two.

11:42am: THIS WEEK ON "Cochrane Love"....
“Are you the Voodoo master?” asked Jack Jalack
“Why yes, yes I am.” responded Spurious
“Well then why don't you do that voodoo that you do so well?”
Spurious began to cut Jack’s pants off, one inch at a time. The smell of man filled the room as the lights seemed to dim. The sound of leather like denim hitting the floor. Silence.
“Are you sure we’re alone”
“Don’t you worry you’re perdy little head baby, my “housemates” are out for the night. Me, I’d rather spend the night IN.”
“Bu whugh itf sumun see uts” Spurious responded, his every syllable impaired by his tongues preoccupation.
“Let them see. Let them all fucking see.”
The sound of steel hitting teeth. How many years had they known each other? How many nights had their eyes met unapologetically from across a crowded dance floor. Spurious's gag reflex was instantly vetoed by his sense of duty. "Slow baby, slow. We have all night."

5:10pm: Episode one, part two of…"Cochrane Love"
The front door came as close to slamming as an opening door can.
“Therere’s sumth’n tabout alcoholol that makes me gay. ”
Jack and Spurious almost stopped. There were still hidden by the fort constructed days earlier. A fort of pillows, a fort of love. Spurious’s muffled snorkeling was barely audible after passing threw such a downy soft buffer, but inside the fort each grunt seemed as a howl.
“Where the heck is evrone? Where are maaaayyii sshhoouse?”
Dandy was home, and Dandy was not sober.

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