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"Cochrane Love"
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Below are the 12 most recent journal entries recorded in Cochrane Love's LiveJournal:

Friday, October 14th, 2005
7:29 pm
photo-essay contest!

Proud to announce the first ever cochrane_love photo-essay contest!

Have a particularly fun, interesting, or incriminating CL photo? Post in this community along with a CL story inspired by your picture. First prize is a bottle of booze. That’s booze with an “e” folks. The cut off date for submissions will arbitrarily be 11-11-2005. Good fight and good night.
Tuesday, September 6th, 2005
6:16 pm
The Dream part 2.75: and a long time cumming.
The twinkle in Dandy’s eye had left, and relocated by a few feet to the cleft which was made ‘twixt his legs by his hand tightened pants. Be it do to the kegs or only to chance, he found himself descending the stair and on his way in to roomy jack’s lire. On a pillar of clothing, kittens and man, they consummated their drunk down in Jackistan.
Wednesday, April 20th, 2005
10:59 am
Dandy loosed control of his bowls and continues to dream…..

The Dream part II and one half.

“I culnt hellpp but nodis me nodising yoou, soo I cummed over to ax how do ya do, and whad is ‘eer name amd where aare yoou fromm aannd what kind of face do you make when you cum? Did I saay dat out loud? I didn’t meen to be rude, I get like that sometimes, ya know, when I’m stewed. Let me get us sumthin ’ta drink” That being said, he gave her a wink.

The Five-O-clock shadow, or maybe her hand something was off , “my god she‘s a man”. But just as quickly as that thought did appear, his brain decided to let his cock steer. “I‘m taking a nap” thought the brain to itself. “I’ll just hand off the wheel to the old trouser elf” “Fool” thought the cock. “now that I am in charge we‘re making some changes. They‘re gona be large.”
Thursday, April 14th, 2005
11:31 am
The dream II
Dandy roles over and coos. The dream continues….

The Dream: Part Two

“Bukake” she thought, “I know that word. Is that a cocktail, or some kind of bird?” The answer would hit her, in a mater of speeking, and in doing so cause copious shrieking. The girls name was June. She was new to the scene, she was so very pure, and ironically clean. June had a secret, or at least thought she did. Her secret? She used the boy‘s room as a kid.

Though this prick peccadillo might be off-putting, twas inane conversation that lost her her footing everywhere else that she’d ever been. The facts are the facts, and sometimes, their mean. Jack was in rare form working the crowd, as he cruised for a specimen likewise endowed. Stalliona and spurious were waiting in line, as the bathroom queue moves just two drunks at a time.

Alix had passed out, which should not astound, and was being “decorated” as he lay on the ground. But where was Dandy in all this commotion? Off in the corner overwhelmed by emotion, for his eyes had met June’s, and June’s had met his, and the resulting sensation made his crotch fizz. His heart was aflutter, and his loins were on fire, fully aroused he began to perspire.

Blinded by love, or maybe just blind, June’s crotch began to respond in kind. As Dandy began to cercal his prey, every second seemed as a day. Where some see stubble, Dandy sees beauty, where others see trouble, Dandy sees booty. They stood tet-a-tet turning red, then Dandy opened his mouth and said:
Friday, April 1st, 2005
8:24 pm
As Dandy slips out of the waking world, do in part to moderate alcohol poisoning, Dandy begins to dream….

The Dream: Part One

The club had just closed not far across town, and cars filled with drunks were on their way down. On their way down to old Cochrane Manor (a place that to every perversion did pander). 15 drunk club kids in four moving cars following some chick that they’d seen at the bars. Singing, and laughing, they couldn’t be riper to be lead astray by this punk rock pied piper.

Who was “this chick”? Who had they followed to Cochrane where both souls and semen are swallowed? A woman of breading, a woman of class with really big hair, and a coveted ass. Were I an adequate picture to render, you’d see Stalliona, Cochrane’s defender. The front door swung open, and 15 drunks sough what filled some with fear and others with awe.

The fort had collapsed as the night had raged on. Some judgment had lapsed, inhibitions were gone. Spurious with Jack, and Alix with Dandy, unashamedly nude and gulping down brandy. “Have yyyoou brungged us some presents” volunteered Dandy? “Yeah. They got in my car when I offered them candy.” “you need drinks” said Jack, not missing a beat as he jumped up from Spurious onto his feet.

“There are some bottles under this pile. Why don’t you take off your pants? Stay awhile?” And as if under some hypnotic spell, perhaps from the booze, perhaps from the smell, the 15 companions started undressing. “First the Bukake, then the caressing.” A menagerie of penises, asses, and breasts, a girl closed her eyes, and hoped for the best.
Thursday, March 24th, 2005
4:52 pm
Spurious in the pillow fort, Jack with drunk Dandy, Rattan assaults Alexander.

While observing Dandy stumble and moan in the other room, Jack overheard the ruckus twixt Alexander and Rattan. Momentarily distracted, he entered the front room and saw the exchange. The carnage. The fiery spark between the two warrior souls, igniting passions and rages unknown. The sounds of Dandy retching in the corner broke the awkward silence- thick, human smells surrounded everyone. Jack felt his blood boiling over and remembered the treasures that awaited him in the fort. Sweet, close, pungent pillow fort. As he returned his enflamed attentions to the fort, he saw Spurious crawling forth, the bridle hanging from his neck now, the tatters of his clothing held before him to cover his confused exposure and shame. So vulnerable. So seemingly broken by disgrace. Beautiful and repulsive all at once. Jack held his chest, felt his heart pounding and his nipples rake against hand and cloth. “I need a drink,” he said to the waiting group. His throat closed around the words, and he recalled the taste of Spurious’ neck. The night was young, and held so much promise. Dandy vomited again, straightened, and approached Jack. “I’ll half’one iffff you’re pouring…”

“I think we all will,” mumbled Spurious.
Thursday, March 10th, 2005
9:59 pm
The mystery of Cochrane Manor was why its lifestyle was so highly sought after by so many. What was it about the squalor, the filth, the vermin, and overall discomfort of the place that brought people there? Beauty. Yes, in its decadence, American culture has become spoiled and in the unspoiled refuge of Cochrane beauty flourished. Alexander pondered this, sitting on the tattered remains of the sofa. Just then, Rattan burst through the door and shouted, “I’ve searched the world and I’ve found them!” The only response was a muffled sound from the pillow fortress.

“I’ve missed you Rattan.” Alexander said. Rattan approached him, looked deeply into his eyes and said “I missed you too.” They almost touched, then abruptly Rattan said “But you mean nothing to me!” and threw him over the remains of a table. Alexander lay on the ground stunned for a moment, then he smiled broadly. Now he knew Rattan was his, and all it would take is time.
Friday, February 11th, 2005
5:47 pm

5:38 pm
A Change:
--not story, so put it away. sorry.--
The next part of 'CL will not be by my hand. It shall be crafted by anyone with posting rights. By the way, Jay really wanted "Jack" to cum in someones mouth. That being said, let's who gets there first.

Current Mood: ...better
Sunday, February 6th, 2005
7:15 pm
1:4 (posted from guy's)
When last we left our heroes, Spurious’s new nick name was teeth, Dandy had fallen threw a table, and Jack had exited the fort. Spurious sat on the floor very aware of being the forts sole inhabitant. His breathing slowed as he strained to hear the world outside the fort. The fort seemed less fort-like with out Jack in it. Whatever magic the fort had had had left with Jack. It was only then that Spurious realized that he was no longer in the world of the clothed. He had walked into this night well accessorized, and tastefully coordinated. He sat there, his only accessory a bridle and his only coordination –well, lacking, and listened.

Thursday, February 3rd, 2005
1:33 pm
Episode 1: part 3-
“Who wants to wooorrk out? Heh? Eh? Come on, let’s make ‘um touch. Who crapped in my pants?” Dandy stumbled, and fell threw what may at one point have been a table. The almost table’s surface splintered as though it were made out of something that splinters easily.
“Jack, I‘b nebor theen ‘im dith dwunk”
“Ssshhh, I think he may still be semi-conscious”.
“Won me ka go sheck? ”
“Oooh no. that‘s the last thing I need right now. You just keep AAAHHGGHHRRGG TEEETH TEEETH TTEEEEEEEEEEETTTTHHHH”
The mood had shifted. Jack exited the fort.
1:04 pm
The first two.
11:42am: THIS WEEK ON "Cochrane Love"....
“Are you the Voodoo master?” asked Jack Jalack
“Why yes, yes I am.” responded Spurious
“Well then why don't you do that voodoo that you do so well?”
Spurious began to cut Jack’s pants off, one inch at a time. The smell of man filled the room as the lights seemed to dim. The sound of leather like denim hitting the floor. Silence.
“Are you sure we’re alone”
“Don’t you worry you’re perdy little head baby, my “housemates” are out for the night. Me, I’d rather spend the night IN.”
“Bu whugh itf sumun see uts” Spurious responded, his every syllable impaired by his tongues preoccupation.
“Let them see. Let them all fucking see.”
The sound of steel hitting teeth. How many years had they known each other? How many nights had their eyes met unapologetically from across a crowded dance floor. Spurious's gag reflex was instantly vetoed by his sense of duty. "Slow baby, slow. We have all night."

5:10pm: Episode one, part two of…"Cochrane Love"
The front door came as close to slamming as an opening door can.
“Therere’s sumth’n tabout alcoholol that makes me gay. ”
Jack and Spurious almost stopped. There were still hidden by the fort constructed days earlier. A fort of pillows, a fort of love. Spurious’s muffled snorkeling was barely audible after passing threw such a downy soft buffer, but inside the fort each grunt seemed as a howl.
“Where the heck is evrone? Where are maaaayyii sshhoouse?”
Dandy was home, and Dandy was not sober.

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