Dr. Hfuhruhurr (gothicock) wrote in cochrane_love,
Dr. Hfuhruhurr

The dream II

Dandy roles over and coos. The dream continues….

The Dream: Part Two

“Bukake” she thought, “I know that word. Is that a cocktail, or some kind of bird?” The answer would hit her, in a mater of speeking, and in doing so cause copious shrieking. The girls name was June. She was new to the scene, she was so very pure, and ironically clean. June had a secret, or at least thought she did. Her secret? She used the boy‘s room as a kid.

Though this prick peccadillo might be off-putting, twas inane conversation that lost her her footing everywhere else that she’d ever been. The facts are the facts, and sometimes, their mean. Jack was in rare form working the crowd, as he cruised for a specimen likewise endowed. Stalliona and spurious were waiting in line, as the bathroom queue moves just two drunks at a time.

Alix had passed out, which should not astound, and was being “decorated” as he lay on the ground. But where was Dandy in all this commotion? Off in the corner overwhelmed by emotion, for his eyes had met June’s, and June’s had met his, and the resulting sensation made his crotch fizz. His heart was aflutter, and his loins were on fire, fully aroused he began to perspire.

Blinded by love, or maybe just blind, June’s crotch began to respond in kind. As Dandy began to cercal his prey, every second seemed as a day. Where some see stubble, Dandy sees beauty, where others see trouble, Dandy sees booty. They stood tet-a-tet turning red, then Dandy opened his mouth and said:
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